How we can help you

Click on the headings below to find out how engaging the services of Zone can help you make informed decisions when looking to purchase, develop or subdivide land.

Professional Advice

We have years of experience in resource management and property related matters. We use this experience and our knowledge of legal processes to ensure that you are provided with quality and independent advice on whether or not you can do what you want to do, and ways in which you could do things to ensure successful and cost effective outcomes.

Project Management

We provide a link between you and the various experts that may be required to assist in getting your project through the Council process. We take control of the process to ensure successful, cost effective and timely outcomes with the minimum of fuss on your behalf.

Consent process / red tape

We have years of experience in the legal processes associated with the Resource Management Act. We ensure that Councils are kept accountable for how they process things and that you don’t receive any unexpected surprises in your journey through the consent process.


We have worked with and can recommend a broad range of technical experts in a number of disciplines including surveyors, engineers, lawyers, landscape architects, acoustic consultants, archaeologists, ecologists, economists and many more who may be needed to be called on to help you through the consent process.


We have extensive experience in working for a wide range of public and private clients in relation to residential, rural, recreational, commercial and industrial land use, development and subdivision activities. We apply this experience on a day to day basis across a wide range of Councils in the Waikato and Auckland areas to ensure that your interests are represented.